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The Benguela railway is a railway that crosses Angola from the Atlantic coast to the eastern border. It is part of a transcontinental rail system that touches the Democratic Republic of the Congo , Zambia , Mozambique and Tanzania . Historically, the railway was used for a long time to transport minerals from the Congo to Europe. It is undoubtedly the first in importance, as well as the only one connected with neighboring states: it reaches the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo near Dilolo .

Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral or simply Cathedral of Benguela is the name given to a religious building of the Catholic Church which is in Benguela, in the African country of Angola and serves as the cathedral of the Diocese of Benguela. The church of Our Lady of Fatima has replaced the old church of the same name in 1963 and was elevated to the status of cathedral diocese in 1970. The construction was supervised by Pastor Teixeira Neves, with the design of Mario de Oliveira, inspired in the cathedral of Sumbe. The church is the largest in the city parish and is a rectangular concrete building floor, covered with a steep roof.